I’m sure you’ve ever heard of the famous Navarrese festival, the Sanfermin. This is one of the world famous festivals held in the town of Pamplona from 6 to 14 July, to which everyone should go at least once in a lifetime. If you want to study Spanish in Spain, what better way than enjoying thoroughly this country and its fun traditions?

Many people have lived this party and they comment that this is one of the biggest festivals celebrated in Spain in the world. If your dream is to learn Spanish, have fun and have an uninterrupted party, come to San Fermin, where the party doesn’t stop. In Pamplona, from the 6th to the 14th of July, there is space for everyone from any age who can find everything they need to have fun, few parties allow the fun of parents and children alike, Sanfermin is one of them.

Why is Sanfermin celebrated?

Sanfermin festivities, as its name suggests, are celebrated in honour of a saint of the Catholic religion, San Fermin. This is why those who run during the running of the bulls sing to this saint every day before starting the race. On July 7th, there is a great procession that begins at 10am through the old place of Pamplona. On the other hand, the party and the fun have no religious character and invite everyone who wants to attend to have fun without limits.

Where’s the party?

The place where you can really enjoy the festivity of Sanfermin is in the street. The most common and usual thing is to be, dance, sing, talk, and share in the street. In addition, in Pamplona you can enjoy a very good weather during the month of July, which makes you to enjoy this tradition even more. The fun spreads through all the streets of the city and allows all its visitors to enjoy it as protagonists. The “peñas”, animating agents of the party, as well as associations of neighbours, sports associations, gastronomic societies, or brands such as Kukuxumusu, are some of the initiatives taken by the people of Pamplona that give a popular side to the festival.

Traditional dress of Sanfermin

And yes, you’ve probably seen a picture of people wearing white with a red scarf around their necks. Well, that’s SANFERMIN. The red scarf is a clothing emblem of the most typical of the Sanfermin party. According to the tradition, this scarf can be tied around the neck as long as the party is alive, which is why before the “txupinazo” people wear it on the wrist, trouser pocket, or in the hand. To the scream of ‘VIVA SAN FERMIN’, GORA SAN FERMIN! Everyone raise it up to the air and, when the festivities begin, everyone ties it around their neck.

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Other rites of Sanfermin

Pulling from the fountain: foreigners have made trendy to climb from the top of the fountain of Santa Cecilia and throw themselves in plate waiting to be picked up by those below.

The dance of the alpargata: this one starts at 9 in the morning in the main “casino” of the city. It’s so called because many years ago, people went to the dance after the running of the bulls wearing sandals.

Struendo: this is weekday, it doesn’t have a fixed day, people go out into the street and join with everything that can make noise and armed with hype, drums and other artefacts to produce it. It starts at the back of the town hall.

Guiri of the year: every year, it is a tradition in Sanfermin to give an award to the “guiri” (foreigner) of the year, with which the craziest foreigner is recognized by the Sanfermines. The “GuiriDay” is the day of the homage to the foreigner. The prize is a globe with horns that is given to the foreigner, and then in San Fermín, a meal is organized with all the winners of previous years.

In short, if you are looking for a destination to spend a few days during this July, we invite you to come to Spain, at the Spanish school Interlenguis we can help you to organize your trip to Pamplona during the festival of Sanfermin and, what better way to do it than learning Spanish with our Spanish courses in Spain for the maximum enjoyment of this traditional party. Please ask us!