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Spain is a country full of hotel establishments, so InterLenguis will look for the hotel or aparthotel that best suits our student’s preferences. If the student looks for a more economic stay, we can also search for a hostel that adapts to his/her tastes and preferences.

This accommodation option is indicated to people that want to live a short stay, 1-2 weeks.

They can also combine this type of accommodation with others that InterLenguis offers for stays longer than 4 weeks.

Meal options

Half board (breakfast + lunch or dinner)
Full board (all meals)

Type of room

Single room
Double room

Only accommodation

There is also an accommodation only option

About accommodation in other accommodations (hotel/aparthotel)

  • Minimum length of stay
    1 week
  • Extra nights
    Additional price, according to season
  • Care service
    24/7 for any incident
  • Possibility of combining accommodations
    For stays exceeding 4 weeks
  • Double room
    Only for people traveling together who are both students of the center
  • Central accommodation
    10/20 minutes walk from the center and school
  • Change of accommodation
    If the accommodation assigned is not to the student’s liking, the school secretary may request an immediate change of accommodation within the first 3 days of the student’s stay. We will provide you with a new one as soon as possible
  • Minors
    They can only stay with Spanish host families. Respecting the schedules set by parents or guardians
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