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Activities and Trips

In Interlenguis summer camps we want our students to have fun learning a language with very varied activities adapted to all tastes.

Our aim is that students carry out as many activities as possible, from cultural activities to various workshops. All our activities are carefully designed to be attractive, motivating and taking into account the different age groups.

All activities take place in the afternoon, except for excursions that will take place at midday or full day, taking place on Saturdays.


These activities are organized during the afternoons and evenings of the Interlenguis camp.

You’ll have fun!

●  Storytelling                                          ●  Presentation games

●  Competition                                                          ●  Cinema

●  Gymkana                                                  ●  Board games

●  Pump                                                              ●  Scarf

●  Pyjama Party                                                ●  Night of Terror

        ●  Costume Party                                    ●  Swimming pool afternoons

These activities are organized for a full day at the Interlenguis camp. You will have to disguise yourself according to the theme and pass various fun tests. ●  Pirate Day ●  Indians Day ●  Day of the jungle ●  Day of the Romans ●   Treasure Hunt

The workshops offered by the Interlenguis camp help you to develop your creativity and imagination in a context of companionship and also practicing the vocabulary of Spanish. ●  Cooking ●  Press ●  Juggling ●  Outdoors ●  Theatre ●  Crafts ●  Dance

Join our excursions to learn and enjoy getting to know Spanish cities and towns. the Interlenguis camp offers you excursions:

Half day: historical centre of Salamanca, Ciudad Rodrigo, Alba de Tormes, Sierra de Francia, Sierra de Béjar

Full day: Madrid, Ávila, Segovia, Toledo

If you want to enjoy even more your camp experience and spend your free time learning sevillanas, relaxing in yoga classes or creativity, don’t hesitate to tell us! These are the activities we offer you:

  Sevillanas classes

 ● Yoga classes


●  You must bear in mind that the practice of any of these activities will not be compatible with the activities programmed in the camp since the schedules may coincide. ●  If you want to sign your child up for one of them, you must pay the corresponding amount at least two weeks before the start of the camp and you can only sign up for one activity per fortnight. ●  Once your stay in the camp begins, it will be impossible to cancel your registration for that activity.