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Interlenguis school organises extra academic activities for their students, with which they can complete their Spanish courses and make the most of the stay in Spain. All activities take place in an afternoon-evening timetable, except for the trips that last one day always on weekends.

Interlenguis offers a great variety of activities to choose the ones that better adapt to your tastes and preferences. You can choose between cultural, leisure, gastronomic, sportive activities, sports, workshops, trips… All of them are imparted by Spanish native speaker, it is a great opportunity for reinforcing the Spanish classes in an enjoyable, dynamic and interactive way. Furthermore, the majority of the activities are visual which allow the participation of the students from all levels.

In addition, most of the activities are visual, which allows the participation of students of all levels.

Interlenguis recommends the assitance to the voluntary activities to know Salamanca and its culture, practise Spanish with teachers and student and of course, meet new people and integrate in a group of friends.

During the activities you will always be accompanied by a teacher/monitor or tour guides.


Discover Salamanca and the Spanish culture


Practise Spanish with other students and young people


Create your international group of friends.

Make the most of Salamanca during your Spanish course!



Welcome to the school


Stroll along Salamanca


Conversation exchange with Spanish students


Visit to the cathedrals


Tapas Tour with the teachers


Trip to a village or to a nearby town (Ávila, Segovia, La Alberca…)

Detailed information about the activities

  The weekly activity plan will be published in the activity board of the school.

  Organised activities can be free or of additional cost.

●  Interlenguis has the right of modifying some activities and change them instead by others similar if there is any external reason to the inner organization of the centre (meteorology, tickets availability, timetables, etc.). If for reasons beyond the centre any activity needs to be called off, the cost of the activity will be returned to the student.