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In general courses, we have 4 specific courses: standard course, semi-intensive course, intensive Spanish course and intensive Spanish plus course. You can choose the right course for you based on your needs and schedule.

Start date

Every Monday


All levels

Number of students

Max. 10 / class

Class duration

55 minutes

InterLenguis Certificate

At the completion of the course

Standard course

From €135 / one week

Jóvenes estudian en un aula

If you are interested in learning or reinforcing Spanish at the best academy in Spain but you don’t have much time, with this Standard Course of 15 classes you will get it thanks to the best native Spanish teachers for foreigners.

Our students will develop their communication skills thanks to our dynamic and participatory group classes. We are specialized in Spanish classes for all levels aimed at groups of international students.

InterLenguis is a guarantee of quality teaching with excellent results.

Semi-intensive Spanish course

From €185 / one week

Estudiantes utilizan un ordenador

The Semi-Intensive Course is perfect to help you make the most of your time and thus combine your work or your training with learning Spanish. This course can be adapted to the needs of each student and made compatible with other extra activities on Spanish that our school offers you.

Intensive Spanish course

From € 210 / one week

Chica joven sonríe teniendo un libro de texto

Our intensive Spanish course with interactive teaching methods and teaching materials is perfect for students with different levels who want to learn or improve their language skills.

These Spanish programs do not require a minimum level of knowledge and will facilitate the development of both written and oral expression, knowing the vocabulary, grammatical structures and certain uses of the language.

You can combine a relaxing vacation abroad doing tourism and enjoying yourself with learning Spanish. In addition, you will put it into practice in real situations and communicate in your free time with other students because conversation is the base of teaching.

If you want to complete your course, choose one of our extra options: individual classes, Spanish culture classes, business Spanish or official exam preparation…

Design your course

Dos chicos jóvenes estudiando con papel y bolígrafo

Although we have a wide variety of Spanish learning programs, some people may need to configure them to suit their pace or learning needs. For those people, at InterLenguis, we also offer the option of designing a course according to your preference or availability.

Design your course and learn Spanish efficiently!

Intensive plus Spanish course

From €315 / one week

Jóvenes felices estudian con su ordenador

The Intensive Plus course is a super intensive Spanish language course that will help you learn Spanish quickly and effectively, you will be able to write and speak fluently in a short space of time.

This Intensive Spanish Course fully addresses the aspects of the Spanish Language from vocabulary, expression and oral and written interaction, comprehension and Spanish grammar.

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