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In special Spanish courses, we have several specific courses with different characteristics: private classes, classes via Skype, semi-individual classes, premium Spanish course, immersion premium course, course for groups and etc. You can choose the right course for you based on your needs and schedule.


All levels

Number of students

Max. 10 / class

Class duration

55 minutes

Private classes (5, 10, 20)

Mujer sonríe estudiando en un aula

Work at your pace with personal assistance from your ELE teacher. Your perfect course for completing and reinforcing another Spanish course.

Classes via Skype 5

Móvil y un ordenador para estudiar en linea

Learn, improve and practice Spanish from any place through Skype. A native teacher will adapt the classes to your own professional necessities and interests.

Personalized private classes

Estudiante sonriendo en una clase privada

At InterLenguis, we have the option to customize your private classes according to your needs. Contact us and design your individual classes with flexibility.

Combined courses

Estudiante choca los cinco con su profesora

Do you want to strengthen what you have learned in normal classes with private classes? Combined courses of intensive classes with private classes are suitable. This way, you can learn Spanish more efficiently.

Semi-individual classes 10

Tres estudiantes ven sus libros de texto

Personalize your Spanish classes and share them with your classmates or your friends in a flexible schedule.

Premium Spanish course

Mano con una bolígrafo de un estudiante rodeada de varios documentos

Personalized training for groups of 3 students that adapts to your professional necessities and it also brings you closer to gastronomy.

Immersion premium 35 course

Estudiante toma apuntes delante de un ordenador

This private and intensive course for a maximum of 3 students is perfect for getting a total immersion in the Spanish language through touristic activities, sociocultural contents and Spanish gastronomy.

Courses for groups

Jóvenes felices hacen la conversación

With the help of the InterLenguis teacher, organize and personalize the course and stay of your group of students in Spain to learn Spanish. It will be an unforgettable experience without any doubt.

Spanish course for families

Familia de dos adultos y dos niños sonriendo

The perfect course for parents and children to learn Spanish together at the same time as they discover Spain.

Gap year program

Jóvenes andando en un pasillo hablando y sonriendo

Spanish courses of long duration during a stay of total immersion where you will learn Spanish with the best teachers.

Intensive course of culture and civilization

Monumento cultural y una estatua en Salamanca

Learn about the Spanish language and dig deeply in the Spanish culture, history and traditions.

Language and literature intensive course

Chica sonríe viendo su libro

Discover the great authors and works of the Spanish literature and work all the skills of the language.

Conversation course 25

Tres estudiantes caminan en el pasillo hablando

Reinforce your Spanish level in oral conversations, work the basic vocabulary and put it into practice in real and daily situations.

Conversation one-to-one course 10

Dos chicas hablando y una mesa con varios documentos

If you need conversation and speaking classes customized, this course is the one. Converse about current or personal interested topics and reach a great verbal fluency.

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