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Cultural activities

A country is not only characterised by its language but also by its history, culture and by celebrated character that have lived there. Interlenguis counts with diverse activities to students’ choice to dig deeply in all fundamental aspects of the country and particularly Salamanca.

In Salamanca there is a high number of museums and historic buildings that can be visited freely or with a very low cost. Besides, it has a great offer of spectacles: cinema, theatre, concerts, expositions and many other activities to attend accompanied by your colleagues and teachers from Interlenguis.

Cultural activities in Salamanca
Cultural activities in Salamanca

  Walk along Salamanca

Salamanca is a city full of culture, declared World Heritage Site by the UNESCO and European Capital of Culture. A guide accompanies the group during the visit explaining secrets and stories hidden behind the city. Guided visits take place weekly since is an activity loved by all the students and become fascinated by discovering every corner of Salamanca through a fantastic trip along its cobblestone pavements.

During this activity, we visit the most emblematic places of the historic quarter of the city: the Main Square, the Shell’s House, the Anaya Square together with the cathedrals, the Calixto y Melibea’s Garden, the Convents, the front of the University where our students have to find the frog in order to overcome successfully their Spanish courses and to finalize with the visit, we transfer ourselves to a different period walking along the Roman Bridge.

Price: free

Language level: all

Physic resistance: be able of walking slowly for two hours

Length: 2h approximately

Visit of exhibitions and museums

  Visit to expositions and museums

Salamanca is a city rich in monuments and historic buildings.

Interlenguis offers to visit a museum, a monument or a specific exposition (Cathedrals, Convents, the University of Salamanca, the Shell’s House, Casa Lis Museum, the Automotive Museum, etc.)

Language level: all

Length: 2h approximately

Theatre and microtheatre in Salamanca

 Theatre and microtheatre

Microtheatres are shorter performances than common theatre plays, with a length between 15 and 20 minutes, in which characters and spectators interact with each other in a reduced and intimate area.

Interlenguis, weekly accompanies its students if they wish to get into the microtheatre world and visualize the play.

Microtheatre is suitable for all levels since it has short durantion and non-verbal content and gestures that allow even the beginners to comprehend and enjoy those funny theatrical plays.

Language level: all

Length: 15-50 mins approximately



If you love music, Interlenguis accompanies you to concerts that take place in Salamanca.

Salamanca is a university and youthful city with a great variety of concert halls or theatres with a wide agenda of music concerts of varied styles.

In Salamanca always will be a cultural plan adapted to your tastes and music styles. Attending to a concert is a enjoyable way of learning Spanish.

Language level: all

Length: 1.30h min

Conference for Spanish students in Salamanca


Interlenguis offers talks about varied topic always in relation to the country’s culture so that you can profound in the fundamental aspects of Spain.

The topics are very diverse, such as: history, literature, current Spanish issues, relevant events, Spanish traditions, stereotypes… Students can let the teacher know in advance if they wish to attend to any specific conference of their interests.

Teachers make those conferences pleasant thanks to visual support that facilitate the beginners’ comprehension. They are dynamic and interactive talks. By the end of the teacher’s presentation, a round of questions and a debate will be opened so that all the participants display their points of view or give their personal option.

Price: free

Language level: from 2A

Length: 1h

Cinema sessions in Salamanca for Spanish students

  Cinema session

In Interlenguis we have a room with a film projector where we project Spanish films weekly, most of them with subtitles to make easier the students’ comprehension.

All films are Spanish classics that caused great acceptance by the audience.

In this way, you will learn about the film culture of our country.

Price: free

Language level: all, recommended for students with a minimum level of A2

Length: 1.30h approximately

Language exchanges Salamanca

  Linguistic Exchanges

The most complicated point of a language is to have great fluency in conversation, that is why Interlenguis offers linguistic exchanges in order to practise different languages, the Spanish language among others, with native speakers.

Those exchanges are carried in two languages, Spanish and a foreign language, generally English. Those exchanges last 10 minutes for each couple approximately, the first half they talk in a language and the second half in the other language. Its brief duration allows to talk with different couples and in this way, get to know people and make friends practising and learning a new language.

Price: free

Language level: all, recommended for students with a minimum level of A2