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The present disclaimer regulates the general conditions of access and the usage of the accessible web sire in the URL address https://www.interlenguis.com (henceforth, the web site), that Interlenguis, Spanish for foreigners makes available to Internet users. The usage of the web site implies the entire acceptation and without reservations of all and each of the included dispositions in the disclaimer. As a consequence, the user of the web site must carefully read the present Disclaimer in each of the occasions that he/she plans to use the web, since the text may have suffered modifications under the criterion of the titular of the web or by causes of legislative, jurisprudential changes or by changes of practices in the company.


Social Reason of the Enterprise: InterLenguis

Title holder: Alejandro Hernández Medina

Social address: c/Pollo Martin, 22

City: Salamanca

Province: Salamanca

C.P: 37005

C.I.F/D.N.I: 70925965Z

Telephone number: 923266393

E-mail: info@interlenguis.com


The web site facilites to the users the access to information and offered services by InterLenguis, Spanish for foreigners to people or organizations who are interested in.


3.1. Free access and usage
Accessing the web is free for the users.
3.2. Users registration.
Generally, the access and the usage of the web do not require previous subscription or registration of the users.


The used language by the titular will be Spanish. Interlenguis, Spanish for foreigners will not be responsible of the comprehension of the language of the web by the user, neither the consequences. Interlenguis, Spanish for foreigners, can modify the contents without previous warning, and eliminate or change them and the form by which you access to them, without any justification and freely, without being responsible of the consequences that they could cause to the users. It is prohibited the use of the contents of the web to promote, hire or expand advertisement or personal information without the authorisation of InterLenguis, Spanish for foreigners, nor send advertisements or information taking it from the information at the users’ disposal, whether the usage is free or not. The links or hyperlinks that come with any other page on it, addressed to this web, will be for the opening of the complete web page, without manifesting, directly or indirectly, false indications, inexact or confused, nor incur to disloyal or illicit against InterLenguis, Spanish for foreigners.


The access to the web as well as the unauthorize use that can be made of the content information of the web is of exclusive responsibility of the person carrying it out. Interlenguis, Spanish for foreigners will not be held responsible for any consequence, damage or injury that could appear due to the access or use. Interlenguis, Spanish for foreigners is not responsible for the security errors that may appear nor the injuries that may be caused to the informatic system of the user (hardware and software), or the folders or the stored documents in it, as a consequence of:

– The presence of virus in the user’s computer that is utilised for the connection to the services and contents of the web.

– The malfunction of the browsers.

– And/or the usage of not updated versions of the browsers.

Interlenguis, Spanish for foreigners is not responsible for the liability or rapidity of the hyper linkers that the web contents for the opening. Interlenguis, Spanish for foreigners will not guarantee the usage of these links, nor become responsible of the contents or services that the user can access by links, nor the proper functioning of these webs.

Interlenguis, Spanish for foreigners will not be responsible for virus or any other computer programme that damage or could damage the user’s informatic systems while accessing the web or any other web that would have been accessed through this web.


The web does not make use neither of cookies nor any other invisible procedure of collecting information when the user goes online through the web, respecting always the confidentiality and intimacy of the user.
*IF THERE IS USE OF COOKIES CONSULT ANNOUNCEMENT ABOUT THE USAGE OF COOKIES. The web makes use of cookies, you can consult our Cookies Policy which always respects the confidentiality and intimacy of the user.


Are property of Interlenguis, Spanish for foreigners, all the rights of industrial and intellectual property of the web, so as the contents it includes. Any use of the web and its contents must have exclusively particular character. It is reserved exclusively to Alejandro Hernández Medina, any other use that implies copy, reproduction, distribution, transformation, public communication or any other similar action, of all or part of the contents of the web, so htat any user could carry out these actions without the previous authorization and in writing of Interlenguis, Spanish for foreigners.


Interlenguis, Spanish for foreigners, guarantee protection and confidentiality of the personal data, of any kind that our company clients provide us according to the displayed in the Organic Law 15/1999 December 13th of the Data Protection of Personal Character. All data facilitated by our client companies to Interlenguis, Spanish for foreigners, or to its personal, will be included in the automatized personal data folder created and maintained under Interlenguis, Spanish for foreigners’ responsibility, indispensable in order to provide requested services to the users. The data provided will be treated according to The Regulations of Security Measures (Royal Decree 1720/2007 December 21st), in this sense, Interlenguis, Spanish for foreigners, has adopted the levels of protection that are required legally and has installed all the technical measures at its disposal to avoid the loss, malfunction, alteration, no authorized access by others. However, the user must aware that the security measures in Internet are not impregnable. In case it is considered convenient to cede the personal data to other entities, the user will be informed about the cede data, the folder’s aim and about the name and address of the assignee, in order to give his/her unambiguous consent in this respect. The compliance of the established in the RGPD, the user can apply his/her right of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition. For that, the user must contact with us through info@interlenguis.com.


The present disclaimer will be interpreted and regulated of conformity with the Spanish legislation. Interlenguis, Spanish for foreigners and users with expressed renunciation to any other jurisdiction that may correspond them, are subjected to the Court and Tribunals of the user’s address to any controversy that may appear to the access or usage of the web. In case that the user has address outside Spanish, Interlenguis, Spanish for foreigners and the user, are subjected, with expressed renunciation to any other jurisdiction to Court and Tribunals of the address of Interlenguis, Spanish for foreigners.