To know in a very special way about one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, at InterLenguis we bring you today a tour of legends and curiosities of the city of Salamanca. Are you prepared to know about them? Join us on this tour!

Let’s start right in the centre of the city of Salamanca, its Plaza Mayor. The Plaza Mayor began to be built in 1729. At first glance, as many other main squares may seem to have a square form, but the truth is different. Salamanca’s Plaza Mayor is shaped like a trapeze, with its widest side being the side where the Town Hall is and the narrowest one just in front of it. This was done in order to respect the Church of San Martín, located on the narrow side of the square.

On the other hand, we have one of the most emblematic places in the city, the Casa de las Conchas, located just in front of the Clergy. What is the origin and to whom did this house belong? This was a palace of which the most noticeable thing it had was the front of the building, with more than 300 shells and multiple blazons and shields. There are many legends that surround the shells of said monument, relating them to a great treasure. One of them says that a long time ago, the Jesuits who inhabited the Clergy wanted to demolish this building so that their church looked better. Therefore, they offered a pure gold coin for each of their shells. Since then it is believed that under each shell, that golden treasure is still stored.

And how not to talk about the University of Salamanca! One of the main tourist claims of our city. And it is not a lie if I say that every person who has visited Salamanca has gone in search of the frog above the skull on the University facade. But what is its meaning? Well, when the facade begins to be built (in full swing of the university), they used the symbol of a frog on top of a skull as a warning to the students about the behaviour they should have in their time as students in the city. The frog was then used as a representation of the lust associated in this case with death when found on top of a skull.

Another of the curiosities that will leave you speechless is in the so-called “Palm Gate” of the New Cathedral. Because of the damage suffered by this facade, in 1992 it is restored. Migues Romero, in charge of the restoration, wanted to leave a personal mark on it and if you pay attention you can clearly see the figure of an astronaut with all kinds of details and a dragon eating an ice cream. Curious right?

Finally, we stop at the Caves of Salamanca. Inside was the Church of San Cebrián, marked on the ground even today. In one of the crypts of this Church, Satan, under the guise of a sacristan, gave seven pupils magic and other dark arts classes during seven years. Once this time was over, one of them had to remain at his service forever. It is said that it was Enrique de Aragón, Marqués de Villena who escaped from the crypt leaving his shadow painted. It is said that he deceived the devil-sacristan not to be at his service, and in return he lost his shadow.

If you want to know more about these routes both day and night through the Salamanca monuments while you know their most interesting and curious legends, do not hesitate to contact us.

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