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Do you have any doubt about our courses? Would you like to know more information about the organization and dates of realization? Next, you will find the most frequent questions in relation to the courses.

When do the courses start?
Every Monday, as long as is school day.
Where do I have to go the first day of class?
You will have to present yourself at Interlenguis school, located in Salamanca in Pollo Martin Street, nº22, 37005.
What time do I start the first day of class?
At 8:00 am in the morning.
When will I know my classes timetable?
You will know your class schedule 7 days before starting the course.

Spanish classes will be imparted in a morning timetable from 8:00 am to 14:00 pm according to the course and occasionally, in the afternoon, from 15:00 pm to 20:00 pm.

Is the didactic material included in the course price?
The didactic material is not included in the price of the course. You will have to purchase the book at the time of doing the registration. This price of 35€ includes a textbook. If you change your level, you will have to get another book for the corresponding level.
What nationalities have the students?
In Interlenguis we welcome students of all kind of nationalities.
What is the age limit for studying in Interlenguis?
The age average is 18 years old. However, that doesn’t mean that we don’t work with students of all ages, in summer camps from 8 years old, families or any other person who has concern for learning Spanish.
How are they going to prove my Spanish level?
A level test will be carried out before the beginning of the course to prove the level in which you will fit in.
Do I have to do an exam after each level?
Generally, since it is a continuous evaluation, teachers will be informing each student of his/her progess. Only if it is necessary for the students that have been doing a course for a long period.
Which is the máximum number of students per class?
Groups have an average of 7/8 students per class with a maximum of 10, it can vary depending on the time of the year.
Does Interlenguis offer special prices?
Yes, it does. You can obtain a 5% off discount for groups of 6 or more people or for former students that come accompanied by a friend.
Can I change my level if I consider that it is not the proper one?
Yes, you can. You can change the level communicating in to your teacher or coordinator.
Can I receive individual classes?
Yes, you can. Interlenguis offers private Spanish classes so that you can practise personalised contents of your interest, specific vocabulary for business, customised literature and any other topic that you come up with.

The price per hour is 40€ though, therefore, you will find more interesting to purchase the pack of 5 hours in the course of Individual Classes 5.

How is the first day of class?
We will start at 8:00a, in the morning with a welcome meeting for getting to know teachers and students.

The students will carry out a level oral and written test in order to adjudicate their level and group.

How can I extend my course?
Yes, you can extend communicating it to the school administration as soon as possible.

If you are student of long stay you can request it a month in advance and check the discounts for other courses.

It is possible to reduce my course?
You can always extend the length of the course but never reduce the time of the course contracted.
It is possible to cancel my course?
If you wish to cancel your course you must check the cancelation conditions which you will find in General Conditions.
With who should I contact in case of emergency?
The centre administration will send you before your arrival all the necessary information and telephone numbers in case of emergency.
Which official certificate could I obtain?
You could obtain the DELE Certificate (Diploma in Spanish as a Foreign Language) for Spanish students, SIELE Certificate (International Service of Evaluation of the Spanish Language), which certificates your knowledge for the admission in degree and post degree programmes and allows you to carry out the exams of the Chamber of Commerce.
What certification will I get with Interlenguis?
Once you have finished the course, with an attendance of at least 85% of classes, you will receive a detailed certificate by Interlenguis.

If you are a US student, with this certificate you can demand credits in the universities, but for that you will have to carry out tests and request always at the beginning of the course (you can check the additional cost in the administration).

Does the national festivities close the school?
During the festivity days classes won’t be imparted and the school will remain close, not recovering classes. Check the web page for choosing the week that most interest you taking into account the festivities.
Which are the festivities of 2019? Is there class during festivity days?
Here below we present a relation of the festivity days during the 2019 during which the academy will remain closed.

The changes that may occur during the festivity dates are not considered responsibilities of the school.

Public days (not recoverable) are the following:

1st and 7th January; 18th, 19th and 23th April; 1st May; 12th June; 15th August; 9th September; 12th October; 1st Novemeber; 6th and 9th December.

However, we will do all we can to update the list in case there is any change.

The school will remain closed from 16th December 2019 to 8th January 2020, both dates included.

Will I have access to Internet in the school?
Yes, you will. Interlenguis school offers free Wifi and even a computer room at the disposal of the students from 9:00am to 14:00pm with free access to Internet.
Can I obtain any grant in Interlenguis?
Two types of grants are offered:

●  One is addressed to teachers, covering all the expenses of the programme. In order to apply, the following requirement must be accomplished:

       ● The teacher must inscribe at least four students to one of the Interlenguis programme.

       ●  The duration of the programme has to length a maximum of two weeks

       ●  The teacher must hand over together with the request form: a presentation letter describing the interests of the application, a Teaching Certificate accredited by the centre and the updated curriculum vitae

●  The other grant available is addressed to the students who once enrolled in the Standard 15 course of the Interlenguis school, register three colleagues to the programme for two weeks. It does not include: accommodation, activities or complementary services.

Should I choose the Intensive 25 course or the Intensive Plus 30?
Both courses are very complete, but if your interest are focused on getting the most of the stay in less time we recommend you the Intensive Plus 30, however, if you want to combine you leisure time with the Spanish classes, then choose Intensive 25.

Don’t forget to have a look to the Premium courses since they are very interesting options for limited time and very reduced groups, in a complete and specific immersion (business, health, commerce…). Besides, this course allows you to enjoy outside the class with an informal meal with your teacher making your Spanish learning more authentic and relaxed.

What do I have to do if I have any doubt that does not appear in FAQ?
Any other doubt that you may have you can consult it through e-mail info@interlenguis.com