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Not all students need visa, it depends on their origin. Check if you have your ID documents and passports updated. Here bellow we offer you more information.

You don’t need visa if you are a student who belongs to a European Union.

You do need if you belong to a country that is not part of the European Union. You will have to apply and the InterLenguis school will send you the Registration Certificate that you must present at the Spanish Consulate in your country.

Students who have to cancel their course because they need a student visa and have not obtained it, must send an original certified document (official from the embassy) to the InterLenguis school.

The school will review the sent documentation and we will apply the return policy that you can find in General Conditions of the school.

Depending on your destination you will find the closest embassy checking the list on the web of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain.

Insurance is not included in the price, but InterLenguis offers extra insurance that we recommend our students take out.

Any other doubt that you may have about your visa you can consult it through e-mail info@interlenguis.com

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