General conditions

Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions apply to all InterLenguis School courses and services.

A. Offers are only valid at the time of registration, they are not accumulative, later changes are not allowed and they depend on the availability of places. they can not be applied to registrations made before the promotion.

B. Students will be picked up from at airport and transferred to the previously agreed location in Spain.

C. InterLenguis reserves the right to use the photos and videos taken during the students’ stay. Unless the student indicates in writing his/her wish of not using his/her image.

D. In the event that the number of students enrolled in a course is not sufficient to be taught, InterLenguis reserves the right to modify said course.

E. InterLenguis guarantees a maximum of 10 students per classroom in general courses, special courses and official exam preparation courses and 15 students for Summer Camps.

F. If any complaint is made, it must be done in writing to, it is indispensable to do it in the first 24 hours with the purpose of providing an urgent service. Once the student leaves the school, it will not be accepted.

G. InterLenguis charges €50 to reserve a place and register and will be valid for one year.

H. Parents and tutors of students under eighteenth must sign a consent contract in which they must indicate the entry and exit permission, allergies and relevant information about the student, which will be communicate it to the host family or residence.

I. InterLenguis is not responsible for the consequences that may arise from inappropriate behavior, misconduct, violation of laws, etc. of the student during his stay in Spain.

J. The minimum age to take part in the Interlenguis courses is 16 years old. In case that the student is under the mentioned age, he/she can participate in a course if it is accompanied by an adult.
Students between 16 and 18 years old must attach with their registration form a signed authorization by their parents in which they make themselves responsible of any incident that may occur.

A) InterLenguis will issue a certificate of studies in accordance with the standards established by the Cervantes Institute and according to current legislation on non-accredited education.

B) In the certificate it will figure the name of the undertaken course, the level, the number of completed hours and the realization date.

C) The certificate will be delivered with a minimal attendance of 75% of the classes.

D) This certificate is not valid as an official document according to the current legislation in the area of education not accredited.

E) Attendance is compulsory, being indispensable with a minimum of 85% in order to obtain the study certificate.

A) Credit notes emitted, expire after 12 months from the emission date.

B) The credit note will not turn in a refund.

A) Registrations received 10 days before the start of the course, InterLenguis does not guarantee the type of accommodation requested by the student. Having preference the students that have registered in advance.

) If the student is not satisfied with the accommodation, always with justified causes, can be changed to another one. If he/she prefer a superior type of lodging, the student must do the request the first day of the course and will depend on availability and will have to pay the difference between the price.

C) All students must inform InterLenguis or their host family in advance of their arrival time. In the event that the student does not communicate this information, InterLenguis is not responsible for the collection and transfer.

D) El alojamiento para familiares y amigos de los alumnos está sujeto a disponibilidad, teniendo preferencia los alumnos de InterLenguis.

E) Any caused damage by the student will have to be paid by him/her or his/her family, intentionally or unintentionally.

F) If any damage is caused to the flat, residence… the repair costs will be charged in equal parts between the students that make use of the property. Unless the responsibility can be certainly proven of any student.

G) InterLenguis will ensure that the established standards are met. As guarantee, each student has to credit a deposit of 200€ for the accommodation. The loss of the deposit will occur due to the following: consuming alcohol or any drug, smoking inside, making noise, holding parties, having guests staying.

H) Si se produce un mal comportamiento continuado, el alumno será expulsado de forma inminente del alojamiento sin tener derecho a reembolso.

I) In high season InterLenguis does not ensure the accommodation requested by its students, so apartments and residences can be replaced by other types of accommodation.

J) If you reserve a double room (shared with another student) and there is no other student to share a room with, InterLenguis reserves the right to change your room for a single at any time.

A. Costs must be paid between 2 and 3 weeks before the arrival. Otherwise, InterLenguis reserves the right to cancel the reservation.

B. Students who wish to cancel the accommodation, the course or any other booked service, they must communicate it before their arrival in writing via e-mail or through certified mail. On the contrary, it will not be accepted.

C. Against any cancellation, will not be refund: neither the guarantee deposit (200€) nor the cost of registration (50€). If it is done in advance, the registration cost might be lower.

– Cancellations carried out 30 days in advance to the beginning of the course, 25% of the total cost will be charged. (Course, accommodation, transfer, bank charges…).

– Cancellations made between 30 and 15 days before the beginning of the course the minimum charge of the cancellation cost will be of 50% of the total cost.

– Cancellations carried out between 15 and 3 days before the beginning of the course will be charged with the minimum cancellation cost of 75% of the total price.

– Cancellations carried out 3 days before the beginning of the course or once the course has already started, there is no possible refund in any case.

D. All refunds, under all circumstances, for changing the reservation, includes an administrative fee to cover the administrative expenses of the refund process (min 65€) together with the standard fare for changing the reservation (9% + 200€). The refund of the resultant overpayment, will be subjected to a minimum of 35€ for administration fees.

E. Once the reservation is confirmed, for each change that you make before arriving to Spain, (whether it is the starting date, programs or services) you will be charged with 35€ due to administrative expenses. Changes after the arrival, (accommodation, programs, services) are subjected to availability and the student must to pay the difference between the prices, besides, 200€ will be charged due to administrative costs.

F. Break within a course. If the student decides to have a week off for each 4 weeks of study (the student will be charged with the complete accommodation, including breaks with the aim of maintaining his/her reservation. It is required to notify a week in advance to In other cases, taking a break during the course will incur a fee of 50€ and the accommodation will be paid for the duration of the original program (subjected to availability).

G. InterLenguis is not responsible for cancellations made due to force majeure, personal and/or health problems.

A. Against any cancellation of the summer programs, the student will have right to the refund of a part of the payment as long as the student communicates the cancellation before the starting of the program:

– For cancellations made at least 30 days in advance to the beginning of the summer program, the minimum charge of the cancellation fee will be of 25% of the total payment.

– For cancellations made between 30 and 15 days before the beginning of the summer program, the minimum charge of the cancellation fee will be 50% of the total payment.

– For cancellations carried out between 15 and 3 days before the beginning of the course, the minimum charge of cancellation will be of 75% of the total payment.

– For cancellations made 3 days before the beginning of the course or once the course is started, there is no refund possible. (Except if the guarantee of refund has been purchased).

B. InterLenguis is not responsible for cancellations made due to force majeure, personal and/or health problems.

A. If you wish to avoid cancellation expenses, in case of necessity or illness, we recommend you to take out the our service of cancellation Premium for the 9% of the total amount of the invoice. This will be paid with the reservation and will cover any cause of the cancellation at any moment. You can cancel all or part of the program.

B. The cancellation guarantee is only valid if it has been paid at the time of the reservation. Before or after the arrival.

C. Any refund of the reservation cost, having taken out the cancellation guarantee, will incur in an extra cost of 9% (minimum 65€).

D. If the student carries out a cancellation before Wednesday, the price of the course and the accommodation will be charged for the week during which the cancellation is made, if the cancellation is made after Wednesday, it will be charged not only the week in which the cancellation has been carried out but the following.

E. The cost of the cancellation guarantee will not be refund in any case in the cancellation.

F. If the student wish to cancel the course or a language program, must notify it via e-mail to The following day to the delivery of the e-mail will be considered as the official day of cancellation of the course. The cancellation will only be valid once the email is received. The refund of money will be done during the following 30 days after the official date of cancellation.

G. The cancellation guarantee premium must be signed and paid in its totality in the moment of the registration in order to be valid.

H. Students who need or have obtained their visa through InterLenguis can contract the Premium cancellation guarantee. However, their cancellation will only be considered when the students provides proves of having left the host country. In these cases, students will be charged 20% of the total price for administrative expenses.

It is important that you pay the registration fee, as well as the textbook for courses Standard 15, Intensive 25, Semi-Intensive 20, Intensive Plus 30, Culture and Civilization, Literature 25, Preparation for DELE 20, Preparation for SIELE 20, and Preparation for the examination of the Chamber of Commerce 20.

You will have the option to pay through the website or at the school itself on the day of your arrival.

A. Students that come from countries that belong to the European Union do not need visa for coming to Spain.

B. Students that come from any other country must obtain the pertinent information for obtaining the visa in the Spanish embassy or in the Spanish consulship of their country. The certificates that accredit and confirm registration in an InterLenguis course or program can only be signed, sealed and sent by authorized InterLenguis personnel, and they are not responsible for the rejection of cancellations of visa requests, since the certificates have no official validity. and only serve as confirmation of a course that will be taken at our school. These documents will only send in order to cover the time period of the booked course by the student. InterLenguis will send the following documents free of charge to any student who requests it as long as they have paid the full amount of the program:

– Confirmation of the chosen Spanish program by the student.

– Invoice of the total amount of the chosen program (course + accommodation).

C. If for any reason the student urgently needs the original documents, InterLenguis will send them to the student and will charge the cost of shipping to their account.

D. If the visa of the student is rejected, he/she will be charged with 300€ of deposit and with any other basic additional cost. Students must show InterLenguis formal proof (original copy) that their visa application has been rejected in order to receive a refund. If this copy is not received by InterLenguis, 100% of the program cost will be charged.

E. Any refund from InterLenguis will include a 9% charge (Minimum of €65)

A. In case of illness, accident, robbery, loss of personal items inside the accommodation or in class, students will not be covered. For this reason, InterLenguis recommends the use of optional insurance, available to students who wish to use it.

A. The student must communicate via e-mail the information regarding the flight (place, date, time, flight number) a week in advance the arrival. Otherwise, InterLenguis is not responsible for picking up the student at the airport and will not be reimbursed.

B. If the student cancels the transfer service with less than a week in advance to the arrival, he/she will loss the right of being refund for the cost of the booked service.

C. If there are delays or changes regarding the flight and this information is not made known to InterLenguis via e-mail, our school is not responsible for the student’s airport pick-up and will not have the right to a refund. (Make sure of receiving a confirmation back.)

A. Weeks that contain public holidays are considered complete weeks for the purpose of payments, lost classes due to public holidays will not be recovered nor refund. InterLenguis advises you to check the holidays before planning your trip.

A. By signing the registration application or by paying the program taxes, the student accepts all the conditions described above. If, under any circumstance beyond the control of InterLenguis, accommodation prices increase, InterLenguis will notify the student in advance of such changes. This price list replaces the previously existing one and is valid from January 1, 2023 to December 31, 2023 for all programs that take place between these two dates. InterLenguis is not responsible for any errors that this website may contain. Edited on June 2023 and subjected to changes.

B. The total amount must be received 2 or 3 weeks in advance to your arrival. If the indicated amounts are not received, InterLenguis reserves the right to cancel the program without the student having the right to a refund.

C. All bank charges will be part of your responsibility. In case the bank charged us a commission for receiving your payment, we reserve our right to credit you the corresponding sum at your arrival.

D. Nor cheques neither financing methods will be accepted.

E. The registration to any Interlenguis course implies a previous agreement to the mentioned conditions; complementarily, it is regulated by the Civil Law of service delivery and consumers’ rights, in particular Act 11/98 of the Defence of consumers and users.

You have two options of payment:

  1. Through credit card. (VISA or Mastercard)

NAME OF THE ACCOUNT: INTERLENGUIS (Alejandro Hernández Medina)
BANK NAME: Banco Santander
BRANCH ADDRESS: C/ Toro 33, 37002 Salamanca
Number account: 0049-5290-2524-1614-9409
IBAN: ES09-0049-5290-2524-1614-9409

2. By bank transfer to InterLenguis. Please put the student’s name and “InterLenguis” on all documents related to the transfer.

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