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General information

Our programme has the aim of making our students to live a complete experience during their stay in the Salamanca summer camp, combining classes focused on strengthen their communicative skills, activities, sports and trips in order to promote physical exercise, social abilities and the coexistence between students of different nationalities.

Next, we detail some the most relevant aspects to take into account in the development od the Interlenguis summer camp.

Do you want to know more about our camp?

If you wish that Interlenguis welcomes your son or daughter at the airport to take him/her to Salamaca you shoul indicate it properly in a period of minimum 7 days in advance with the following details:

  • Flight number
  • Flight company
  • Departure and arrival timetable

An Interlenguis in charge person will welcome and pick up the students, he/she will be waiting al the exit with an Interlenguis sign and the name of the student.

Transfers will no be guaranteed if the information of the flight is not correctly specified.

Interlenguis provides families with a contact telephone number (0034 923 26 63 93) and an e-mail (info@interlenguis.com) in case it is necessary to make any last hour change.

Many students that  attend our summer camps,  have a certain freedom in their homes to go out with their friends. Therefore, in Interlenguis students are allowed to have this permission from their parents several free afternoons (max. 3 in a fortnight) in which they can go out with their classmates.

These students, in addition to having the consent of their parents, must have the following characteristics:

  To be 15 years old  or older.

  To have received in Interlenguis the “Exit permit” perfectly completed and signed by the parents or legal guardians of the student before the beginning of the program.

The time of departure and arrival of free afternoons will be set by the program director.

Students who do not have this permission for reasons of age or parents’ decision, will not be allowed to leave the center without supervision, will remain in it following the activities scheduled by the camp.

Students will be able to contact their parents during their free time through their own mobile phone (if they have one) or through the e-mail that they will be able to access on the school’s computer.

In case of emergency, Interlenguis provides parents with a telephone number where they will be quickly attended by a camp leader.

Interlenguis offers the possibility to save the money of the students of the camp. When they arrive at the centre, if they so wish, they will hand over the money to the responsible monitor and he will be in charge of administering it and handing it to them when necessary.

In case the student needs additional money, the parents can send it on their own, since Interlenguis can not give money outside the camp to their students.

Interlinguis thinking about the welfare of its students has medical assistance during the summer camp.

It is necessary for the centre to be informed in writing at the time of camp registration if the student suffers from any allergic or medical condition to highlight, needs special diets or specific medication in order to receive personalized attention.

Foreign students have a private insurance that is included in the price of the program.

Spanish students must attach a PHOTOCOPY OF SOCIAL SAFETY OR PRIVATE INSURANCE at the time of registration and also deliver a copy to the monitor on the first day of the camp.