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If I tell you the word summer … What is the first thing that comes to mind?
Indeed, it is the season of the year clearly related to the sun, the beach, the pool, free time … being the ideal time to undertake new projects … Therefore, what better way to go to one of our international camps in one of the most renowned cities in Spain?
Interlenguis offers a wide range of possibilities, where you can make a linguistic exchange through a cultural immersion in the province of Salamanca, in the most dynamic way through a multitude of activities together with colleagues of different nationalities, giving special importance to learning the Spanish and English language.
Our mission is that you enjoy an unforgettable experience through an innovative methodology directed by qualified professionals who will provide constant supervision, as well as great pedagogical rigor in each of their classes.
Through group dynamics, workshops, sports and cultural excursions, children between the ages of eight and seventeen, can have fun meeting new people in a unique place, learning the most demanded languages ​​in the world.
For this, we have a rich and varied offer to adapt to your needs and preferences with the fundamental objective of promoting personal and responsible growth through cultural and sports activities, in order to learn Spanish / English in a fast and entertaining way .
Within our options you can choose between “Intercamp Residence” enjoying a total immersion in living with national and international students; “External Intercamp” participating in the same activities but staying with your family, being able to stay until five in the afternoon or until eight with us; or “Intercamp Mornings” intended for those students who wish to participate exclusively in the morning.
Are you wondering when we do the following days right?
The next camps in the month of June and July are: from June 28 to July 11 and from July 12 to July 25.

Cheer up and do not stay with the desire!