“Real progress is what makes technology available to everyone.” This famous quote from Henry Ford makes us think about how much technology has helped us in recent decades. Since mobile phones and video calls appeared, we feel more connected to each other and have made life easier and more comfortable.

In the field of education, it is special, technology has opened the doors to great opportunities that we could not even dream of before. This is the case, for example, of the Skype classes. Whether for comfort or for having a limited schedule, Skype classes have made it easier for us to study to the point of having a private teacher without having to leave home.

At InterLenguis, we now have this option to offer you unique and economic opportunities without having to leave the country. Would you like to learn Spanish but don’t have the resources to come to Spain? Are you thinking of attending an academy but your work and your social life do not allow you a restrictive schedule? At InterLenguis this is no longer a problem, since we adapt to your needs with flexible hours and individual or group classes. All this with a qualified native teacher at your entire disposal. And all without leaving your house!

Let’s put ourselves in a situation: You would love to learn Spanish, our customs and urban expressions, but your work has an irregular schedule and you cannot afford to pay a Spanish academy to only attend a couple of classes a month. In addition, the academies are so full of students that they prevent effective learning and a private teacher is an excessive expense. However, the InterLenguis team makes it easy for you: from minute one you are assigned a private teacher who will be your guide throughout the program and gives you the option of choosing the time that best suits you. On the other hand, you will not have to leave home and the classes will be cheaper than attending an academy, since all the material will be provided by InterLenguis digitally. And above all, all the teacher’s attention will be focused on you, so the class will be totally effective and your level of Spanish will improve more quickly.

In our large family we think only of the well-being of our students and we want to show you what we can do for you. If you are still not completely convinced, think about the success of distance education and all the opportunities offered by teaching online.

Discover our courses, we have a wide offer to adapt to your needs:

Spanish Course 30 hours / week

Spanish Course 25 hours / week

Spanish Course 20 hours / week

Spanish Course 10 hours / week

Spanish Course 4 hours / week

They are all advantages. Still not convinced? CHEER UP!