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Schedule and menu (orientative)

In our camps we follow an usual routine so that students get use to the mechanism of the camp, to the classes time, activities or to the break and leisure in order to take advantage of their stay in Salamanca to the fullest.

We show this routine as an illustrative example above.


08:00– 08:30    Waking up and cleaning

08:30– 09:00   Breakfast

09:15– 09:30   Meeting with the monitor

09:30– 11:15   2 Spanish/English classes

11:15- 11:45   Break

11:45– 13:30   2 Spanish/English classes

13:30– 14:30   Free time

14:30– 15:30   Lunch

15:30– 16:30   Free time

16:30– 19:30   Activities

20:00– 21:00   Cleaning (personal)

21:00- 21:45   Dinner

21:45- 23:00   Night event

Regarding the menu, Interlenguis gives much importante to carry out a healthy and balanced diet.

If any of the students requires a special diet due to allergies or any other condition is necessary to communicate it in writing to the academy in the moment of the inscription in the camp so that we can care for him/her properly.

This is an example of a menu during the week in the camp









BREAKFAST Colacao, cereals, juice, bread and scrambled eggs with bacon Colacao, cereals, juice, bakery and cold meat Colacao, cereals, juice, bakery and cold meat Colacao, cereals, juice, toasts with jam and butter. Colacao, cereals, juic, bread and scrambled eggs with bacon Colacao, cereals, juice, biscuits, toasts with butter and jam Colacao or hot chocolate, cereals, juice, churros and toasts.
LUNCH Buffet of salads, pasta with tomato, hake fillet and fruit or yoghurt. Buffer of salads, spaghetti carbonara, pork loin with fries, crème caramel or fruits Buffet of salads, meat paella, Roman-style squid, fruit Buffet of salads, gazpacho, roast chicken with fries, crème caramel or yoghurt Buffet of salads, meat lasagne and vegetables, custard. Picnic menu: cured ham, chorizo or Iberian spicy sausage sandwich, spread/ham and cheese, chocolate bar. Buffet of salads, gazpacho, pork steak with fries, crème caramel or pineapple in syrup.
DINNER Buffet of salads, hamburger and fries, fruit salad Buffet of salads, Spanish omelette and cold meat, fruit Buffet of salads, pizza, yoghurt, fruit Mince soup, croquettes and empanadillas, fruit Buffet of salads, sausages with fries, ice-cream Buffer of salads, vegetable cream and san jacobo, fruit Buffet of salads, chicken steaks with fries, fruit or yoghurt.