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In this article we will explain what it means to “tirar la casa por la ventana” and where it comes from.

When this expression is used, what we are trying to indicate is that we have spent a lot of money or squandered it.

Where does this expression come from?

The use of this phrase dates back to the 19th century in Spain, where it was used mainly by people who won the lottery and after receiving the prize they used this expression to refer to the fact that having won so much money they would throw out the window all their goods, furniture and old things to replace them with new ones.

Therefore, as we have mentioned above, we can say that it refers to a rather high expenditure or spending without knowledge produced by an impulsive act.

As we remember in all our publications of expressions do not hesitate to consult the website of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) for any questions you may have.