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Have you ever wondered why most people would love to visit Spain? Our climate, our people, our charisma … but what about our cities?

In Spain we have dream cities like Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Seville or Granada. And of course, Salamanca. The latter is located northwest of the Iberian Peninsula and provides accommodation for thousands of students every year, which makes it the most demanded student city in Spain. In addition, it has a unique history and most interesting monuments.

Would you like to meet her? Well, now, with Interlenguis, you have the opportunity to travel to Salamanca and walk its streets, try its famous tapas or mix with the most youthful atmosphere in the whole country. And all this while you learn Spanish!

Do you want to try it? Keep reading and join me on a virtual trip to this wonderful city.

You land at the Madrid airport after a long trip and one of our monitors is already waiting for you to pick you up. You arrive in Salamanca together with your groupmates and the first thing you see is a radiant sun that welcomes you among the laughter of the students and the cheerful music of the street performers. When you enter Interlenguis, our coordinator welcomes you and takes you to what will be your home in the next few days. You don’t know it yet, but one of the best experiences of your life has just begun.

As the days go by and you go to classes or do your daily routines, you realize that your level of Spanish improves at times and then it is time to talk with other young Spaniards. On any Thursday, you go out to discover the most festive Salamanca, and among groups of boys singing and dancing in the street, more than one comes to ask your nationality, or to tell you how much they like your accent and your landscapes. It will not be difficult in a city like Salamanca to make Spanish friends, who will always be willing to accompany you anywhere or help you in whatever you need. The night is young and Salamanca, the ideal place to live it.

And what about your excursions … Walking through the streets of the old town is like being inside a movie from the Middle Ages, with its universities carved in stone, the wonderful Casa de las Conchas, its antique dealers and, of course, the Cathedral, that fills Salamanca with a unique beauty. And if the old town is magical, there are no less the walks along the Tormes River, where you will see couples walking, young people showing their more sporty side or groups of students spending the afternoon on the lawn on the banks of the river without any other concern than that of Admire the landscape that this city.

The days will pass as if they were seconds and when the time comes to return to your homes, believe me, you will promise yourself that this will not be the last time you will see Salamanca.

Did you like the virtual experience in Salamanca? Well, this is just the appetizer of what awaits you if you come to enjoy the Spanish courses with us. At Interlenguis, we promise you a unique and unforgettable experience with the most competitive price in the city. Do not think about it anymore and join us in this adventure. If not now when? DARE YOURSELF!!!