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In Interlenguis we offer a great variety of sports so that students can do exercise and develop a good physical condition. Summer camps are the perfect option for children and young students to practise sports during their stay in Salamanca and therefore, they workout their social and group relationships. Throughout the camps you can practise the following sports: Aerobic              Football ●  Volleyball           Basketball ●  Indoor soccer     ●  Handball Olympics              Bowling Archery                Baseball Darts                     Frisbee     ● Indiaka                  ●  Badminton

Apart from the sports that the camp includes, you can choose between the following optional sports, which entail an additional cost and correspond with the practise of 12 sessions distributed  throughout the two weeks that lasts the camp.

●  Padel classes

● Tennis classes

● Football classes

● Riding classes

● Swimming classes

You should take into account that the practise these sports will not be compatible with the programmed activities in the camp since the schedules can coincide.

If you wish to sign in your son/daughter to any sport, you have to pay the correspondent cost two weeks in advance before the camp has started with the possibility of register them only for a fortnight.

Once the stay in the camp has started, it will be impossible to cancel the registration in the correspondent sport.