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In this publication we will develop everything you need to know before taking the DELE A1 or DELE A1 exam for schoolchildren to accredit your level of Spanish.

Before starting with the structure of the exam, we must point out that on the same page of the Instituto Cervantes you can find all the information about this type of exams (from the dates on which they are held, examining centers or how to register for the next call).


The structure of the A1 and A2 levels have been recently modified in 2020 so you should be careful when choosing previous exams to practice as the structure may have changed. Currently the DELE A1 exam consists of 4 parts:

  • Reading comprehension test, which lasts 45 minutes and is divided into 4 tasks, which are divided into 25 items. The texts that appear are real current affairs texts but adapted to the A1 level to which we present ourselves with a certain length never exceeding 925 words.
  • Listening comprehension test, somewhat similar in structure to the previous one as it is also divided into 4 tasks divided into 25 items but in this case its duration will be only 25 minutes. Before starting, students will be given some time to read the questions well, the audio will be repeated twice, so we recommend trying to complete as much as possible the first time and check with the second time.


  • Written interaction and expression test, which is composed of two tasks (a questionnaire and a letter or email) for which we have 25 minutes. The grade for this part will be the average of the two parts, which will be corrected separately.
  • Test of oral interaction and expression, test that we will develop in this article dedicated only to the oral test of the A1 since according to our experience it is the most difficult to perfect and get a better grade in general.


  • We recommend preparing the oral test very well since, as we have indicated, it is the one that is most difficult for our students.
  • Master very well the basic verbs such as “estar” or “ser” in order to be able to express yourself correctly.
  • It is very important to pay attention to the connectors while taking the test because sometimes it can mean getting a correct or incorrect answer.

If you want to prepare these exams with us or you want us to send you a sample test to practice with, do not hesitate to contact us so we can help you!