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About Interlenguis


Spanish is one of the most spoken language in the world, approximately 577 million people, its constant increase makes Spanish one of the most powerful language at a global level.

It is a language very much in demand in the academic and professional field, that is why, each year, thousands of international students visit our country interested in learn it and the Spanish culture as well.


Group of young students of Spanish
Group of young students of Spanish

In Interlenguis you will learn Spanish and we assure you a unique experience:

With Interlenguis you will learn Spanish and you will discover the charms of Salamanca and the surrounding areas.

Salamanca is a university city full of culture.

You will meet young people from all parts of the world with the same goal, learn and improve Spanish and they will be your friends for life.

The school is full of diversion and cultural diversity.

Interlenguis teachers will help you to improve your Spanish in a rapid, enjoyable and effective way.

Thanks to our specialized teachers in ELE and willing to teach.

Why studying Spanish?

You can obtain the needed Spanish level to open to new horizons in other countries.
Take the most of your journeys and destination in Spanish speaking countries.
Become bilingual! Recognise easily frequent and typical Spanish words
Enjoy with books, songs and films in Spanish
Lear typical aspects of Spain and other Spanish speaking countries
Learning Spanish helps you to improve your attention capacity and reinforce your memory.
It facilitates your learning of other languages such as Portuguese, Italian or French.
Increases your possibilities of finding the job you are interested in. Spanish is a very demanding language.
Meet young people from other countries and make international friends.
Interlenguis offers you courses that adapt to all tastes


Learning Spanish is ageless, Interlenguis offers courses which adapt to all tastes, levels and ages. Choose the one that most adapts to your interests!





It’s never too late for learning Spanish, you can practise it in your working place, with your friends and in your journeys around Spain or South American countries.



It's never too late to learn Spanish

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