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Central location – near Madrid

Salamanca is found in the West of Spain, 200km far from Madrid and at only few kilometres far from our neighbour country, Portugal.

Salamanca, European Capital of Culture in 2002 and World Heritage City, is, without any doubt, the ideal place for learning Spanish. Is a small and calm city that will receive you from the beginning as one resident more.

Salamanca, city of Castilla y León, Spain

If you like tourism…

…Walk along the old city and the Roman Bridge
…Visit the University and discover the beauty of its façade.
…Go all over its streets full of history, art and culture
…Discover wonderful natural landscapes near Salamanca.
Walk through the old area and the Roman Bridge of Salamanca
Salamanca, Spain
Unamuno House Museum, Salamanca


It is a city full of history and culture that preserves historic monuments that you will discover while walking along its streets: its spectacular Major Square and crucial spot animated by the students not only during the day but at night; its two cathedrals, compulsory visit to discover a panoramic view from its towers or the Roman Bridge where you will encounter with the historic character, our Lazarillo de Tormes.

These monuments have been protagonists of great historic events of the city together with distinguished characters such as Miguel de Unamuno, Fray Luis de León and Venancio Blanco. This mixture of art, culture and history will transport you to another age and it will fascinate you.

Apart from its monuments, in this little Spanish location you can do a hiking route along the Gredos mountain, the French mountain or the Arribes of Duero, which are some of the most enchanted natural places of our province.


Salamanca will conquer you for its typical gastronomy: the Iberic ham with designation of origin in Guijuelo, the hornazo, the chanfaina, the farinato accompanied by a good Duero’s wine. These delicacies are the essence of the city which keep alive its traditions.
Discover the gastronomy of Salamanca


This small town is very familiar, everyone knows each other and is very close so you will integrate so quickly that you won’t have time to feel like a stranger.
The university atmosphere characterizes the city making it youthful and modern with party and culture in equal parts.
Salamanca is known for its large student population that every year comes to our University, one of the oldest in Europe, which celebrated in 2018 its VIII Centenary with 800 years of trajectory.
Salamanca is undoubtedly an incomparable city, full of life that marks everyone who decides to pass through it. The experience in Salamanca will be special because its lifestyle is very attractive and more and more people are interested in getting to know it first hand.



Old cathedral

New cathedral

Major Square

The Shell House

The San Esteban Convent



Art-Nouveau and Art Deco

Bullfighting Museum

House-Museum of Unamuno

Automobile Museum

Provincial Museum


Van Dyck

La Rua Street

Melendez Street

Libreros Street

Boradores Street

Gran via


Toro Street

Zamora Street

Maria Auxiliadora Street

Mirat Avenue

The Tormes Shopping Centre

Events of interest in Salamanca

● Traditional Slaughter Party

Holly Week Processions (festivity of National Tourist Interest)

Toro Carnival (Ciudad Rodrigo)

Book Fair

Craftwork Fair

San Juan de Sahagün Festivity

FACYL (International Festival of Arts in Castilla y León)

Fairs and parties – Virgen de la Vega (bullfight, concerts, spectacles, fireworks, typical tapas stands…)

The keys of the city

University New Year’s Eve

Christmas (streets lightning and The Three Wise Men parade)

The Holy Week of Salamanca is the principal

religious event in the charra capital





Thousands of Spanish and international university studentsfarewell

the year in dvance in the University New Year’s Eve.




Over the San Juan de Sahagün and the Virgen de la Vega festivity,

the city is filled with light and colour.



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