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As we have already told you in previous posts, Salamanca is a city designed for young people. If you are between 18 and 30 years old and do not like the excess agglomerations of the big cities, Salamanca is your place. Salamanca is a very particular city because it mixes characteristics of both town and city. If you are thinking of coming to Salamanca we advise you to continue reading, because we bring you everything that Salamanca can offer.

Salamanca, city of students

In Salamanca you will find student organizations that will help you to adapt to the city and feeling as a part of it. Also, if you come to the city for an exchange we recommend you to take one of the Spanish courses that the InterLenguis School offers. This way, apart from learning our language and meeting new people, you can take a degree accredited by the Instituto Cervantes.

It is important to highlight the fact that the most famous and visited monuments of the city are the University, the Cathedrals (New and Old) and the Plaza Mayor, where you will find hundreds of students from anywhere, sitting on the floor and sharing their stories.

A University with almost a thousand years of history

True, because studying in Salamanca means studying at one of the oldest universities in the Hispanic world. Founded in 1218 by Alfonso IX. Even today it retains its facade. It is a splendid building because apart from its beauty, it has a great load of symbolic elements for the history of the city, for example the frog.

The frog on the facade of the University has become a tourist attraction for everyone who comes to the University. According to the legend, the student must find it there to pass all his exams.

Living in the centre of Salamanca

If you are looking for something cheap to stay in during your stay in Salamanca we recommend the centre. Living here is VERY CHEAP, even in the busiest areas of the city. Some of the areas most occupied by students are the following: Plaza Mayor, Van Dyck, or Avenida Villamayor.

Gastronomic Route of Salamanca

When we talk about typical and outstanding dishes of the city of Salamanca, we talk about the hornazo. This is a greased bread dough, shaped like a pie and stuffed with deli like: loin, ham, chorizo, etc.

But if you come to Spain for the first time, don’t forget that our country is characterized by a Mediterranean diet, considered one of the healthiest, succulent and varied in the world. Therefore, you should not stop trying any home-made dish.


If you go away for Christmas and you don’t come back, you can’t forget to celebrate your New Year’s Eve in Salamanca. This is the most famous university holiday in Spain. It takes place a few weeks before the New Year, young people from all over the country and from countries such as Portugal or France attend to this. The place of celebration is the Plaza Mayor, where at 12 o’clock in the evening the 12 bells of the New Year ring.

So as said, live Salamanca and live Spanish like never before thanks to everything we offer. If you want to know more, find our blog on the Interlenguis website. We’ll wait for you!!