Are you a Spanish student in Spain? Enjoy Christmas in the beautiful city of Salamanca.

Christmas in Salamanca

As in many other cities in Spain, during these very important date the city of Salamanca is filled with life and magic, leaving delighted everyone who passes by. Today we show you all the ways Salamanca offers you to enjoy Christmas and for little cost.

Christmas lighting

If you arrive in Salamanca at the beginning of December you can enjoy the inauguration of Christmas lighting through the streets of the city. And if you are not here by this date, at least you can see it throughout the month of December and until the 8th of January. The night illumination of the city joined with the colours of Christmas, create an effect that will leave you in love.

The Christmas lighting is distributed by 78 streets, squares and roundabouts of the city. However, if we have to highlight one of the most attractive places during these dates it would be the Plaza Mayor, which each year places a great gift or Christmas tree in its centre.


Salamanca main square
The nativity scenes of the ‘charra’ capital at Christmas

One of the most attractive interests are the nativity scenes spread throughout the city of Salamanca during these dates. The most visited are found in the New Cathedral or in the Convent of the Isabeles. This has recently become one of the best references for the quality of its pieces and its large size. It measures 8 meters long.


Other nativity scenes are those found in the Courtyard of Palacio de la Salina, or that of the Church of San Benito. This is done by Juan Carlos Vázquez Guerra and can be visited every Sunday before the Eucharist at 1pm. What gives this a distinctive character is that it includes many details such as the traditional architecture of the Sierra de Salamanca.

However, the town has a large number of nativity scenes made in the most significant temples. To them are added other made in a particular capacity in the shop windows and large commercial spaces of the city of Salamanca.

Christmas weather

December is a very cold month, much more than November but not as much as January.

In December in Salamanca the weather is a bit cool but bearable with warm clothes. The average temperature is 11°C, being the minimum 5°C. In addition, although it is not very common, sometimes it snows once or twice a month, providing you with the ideal environment for Christmas date.

If you are going to do tourism during this month, we recommend you to go warm (to wear gloves and a scarf, good socks and closed shoes). Hot and fresh chestnut street stalls will also help you to cope with the cold.

Lot of people take advantage of the purchase to warm up next to the fire!

Concerts in Salamanca during the month of December

On Sunday, December 1 at ‘La Chica de Ayer’, Marcos Cantador presents his first studio album in live, an album that not only tells his stories, but also yours. The price for advance tickets is 5€ and it will take place at 8pm.

On Saturday, December 14 at the Palacio de Congresos y Exposiciones de Salamanca, the Film Symphony Orchestra presents the TOUR 19/20, with your favorite movie soundtracks in concert like that of ‘Avengers: Endgame’. The start time is 7pm and you can buy advance tickets.

In addition, since Salamanca is an incredibly cultural city and closely linked to music, you can find Jam Sessions (Flamenco, Rumba and Jazz) or open micros every day in pubs such as ‘Salamandra Bar’, ‘Centenera Gran Vía’, or ‘The Molly Cross’.

Because coming to Spain is an only and incomparable experience, we want you to enjoy the most during every period of the year. Come to our school and meet us!

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